Saint Joseph Church Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
Saint Joseph Church     Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Save the date for Summer Festival 2019....

Sunday, June 23rd!



Join the Parish Festival Committee!

Please consider attending our meeting coming soon in March to get started then again once in April and May.

Here are some areas where you can help:

Festival Grounds Clean Up Team:
o These volunteers help with grounds clean-up on a Sunday afternoon in early April to spruce things up and prepare the festival grounds for mowing.

Bonanza/Raffle Ticket Distribution Team (Sundays during the month of April & May)
o These volunteers man the table in the vestibule of the church before and after Masses to help parishioners find their envelopes, hand out envelopes and gather contact info.

Festival Sign Caretaker:
o This volunteer changes dates on the festival yard signs, attaches the stands and puts them out for distribution at church, then also collects them as they are returned to church and returns them to the game shed.

Game Prize Coordinator: This volunteer works closely with the Prize Purchaser.
o Work with the purchaser to determine prize type and quantities.
o Collect and sort donated plush toys for plush wheel.
o Set up and distribute prizes to proper booths on festival day
o Inventory prizes after the festival
Family Game Team
o Organize and promote “family style” yard games to be played during the festival.
o Collect necessary items to create games.
o Make advertising posters to display throughout the festival grounds with times and specifics for each game.
o Facilitate the games at their designated times.
Volunteer Check-in Booth Team
o These volunteers check in others as they arrive at the beginning of the festival and during shift changes.
o Distribute water bottles to volunteers during their shift or watch their stand during bathroom breaks
Festival Day Helpers
o These volunteers are people that can attend the meetings so that they are on the “inside track” for planning and work closely with other committee members on festival day with a variety of jobs.

Please contact Monica Gehman with any questions about how you can help.


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